Welcome to Cartoon Digital in Luxembourg!

Welcome to Cartoon Digital in Luxembourg!


Over 90 participants joined us in Luxembourg for Cartoon Digital. After the lunch, we had the pleasure to welcome Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg who introduced Cartoon Digital with Marc Vandeweyer & Yolanda Alonso (Cartoon).

The first presentation was a panel discussion on the challenges raised by the new 'digital economy'. In our increasingly connected world, new media and new uses have transformed the way kids engage in programmes and brands. These new interactions also pave the way for new digital programmes for which financing and monetization models are still emerging. How can producers best benefit from the new synergies offered by the digital economy was at the core of our panelists’ discussion.

Then, leading animation studios established in Luxembourg to explain what their country can offer in terms of financing, co-production facilities and services.

The third presentation was an original case study "Mimi and Bibi". Already available as an interactive storytelling app, "Mimi and Bibi" is a digital series showcasing twin sisters with polar opposite views on life, sharing their opinions on a variety of subjects with the world at large via their video blog. The subscriber base of UK website Totally Tween will verify the topics that Mimi and Bibi will vlog about, thus authenticating the voice of the series with its target audience. And the progress of the series will be posted on the website to educate subscribers about the process of animation. Each episode is only 2 minutes long so ideal for digital platforms, mobiles etc. The intention is also to help seed the brand for TV development.

We finished this great day in a relaxed atmosphere by our traditional Welcome Dinner at Come Prima Restaurant.

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