The Region’s evening

The Region’s evening


For the second day of the Cartoon Forum, after a complete day of pitches full of surprises, the region invited all the participants to a networking and fun evening at the Bikini. A DJ gave the rhythm to spread a relax atmosphere and the alchemy happened.

In the Region Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée, the animation sector is on a roll! With more than 10 studios based in Occitanie, animation never ceases to develop. 

Toulouse and the region have taken on an active role in creating animation international success stories, with 3 series & 3 feature films in production in 2017. The biggest export of the region, the TV series “The Jungle Bunch” (TAT productions) has been sold in almost 200 countries and now, the feature film is released in cinemas this summer.

With 6 schools specialized in animation and 1 with a business programme, the next generation is going to be ready for the future of animation.

This year, 3 projects from the region are pitched at the Cartoon Forum: “AVNI, Unidentified Friendly Oddity” by Milan, “Chicken of the Death” by anoki, “The Survival of the Species” by Xbo films. We advise you to follow their evolution, the best is yet to come!

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