The Health Pass is put in place in France

The Health Pass is put in place in France


Cartoon Forum will be back in Toulouse for a great “face-to-face” reunion! We plan to enjoy again the format that serves best the needs of our community.
This edition will be about reconnection and friendliness, but also about vigilance. We know that the organisation around events in these times is a challenge for everyone, and we want to offer as much flexibility as possible, while ensuring all measures are taken at the sanitary level.

First, we are delighted to be able to announce that today we have already more than 750 participants registered for this edition "for real”! We are also pleased to welcome almost 200 buyers from 31 countries, which already says a lot about the dynamism of the animation business this year. Discover the full list on the "Who Is Coming" page of our website
Of course, we are following French, European and world news very closely to adapt our organization as the measures in place evolve.

Here are the measures we can announce now.

In France, the Health Pass is now mandatory to access all events with more than 50 people.
The Health Pass will be necessary for everyone on site at Cartoon Forum.

All the other usual measures will also be respected:

  • social distancing is always recommended
  • masks are mandatory indoors, also when people are seated, and outdoors in the city center of Toulouse (see decision of the prefect of Haute-Garonne of 18 August);
  • regular use of hydro-alcoholic gel is also recommended


The Health Pass will be necessary for everyone on site at Cartoon Forum.

➤ Make sure you have your Health Pass for the duration of the event, at the entrance to the Congress Centre and at each evening organized by Cartoon (Welcome & Farewell Dinners, Networking Evening of the Occitanie Region).
➤ Also make sure you have your ID so that the security guard can verify the accuracy of the Pass information.
In the case of an invalid Pass, access to the event will be refused.
➤ Cartoon cannot be held responsible if someone cannot access the event.


The Health Pass consists of the digital presentation (via the French app “TousAntiCovid”, also in English - available on Apple Store and on Google Play) or on paper, of a health proof, that can be:

1. Vaccination
on condition that people have a complete vaccination schedule, either:
• 7 days after the 2nd injection for double injection vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca);
• 4 weeks after injection for vaccines with a single injection (Johnson & Johnson);
• 7 days after the injection for vaccines in people with a history of Covid (1 single injection).
Once you have your vaccination certificate, simply scan the QR Code to import and store it locally, in your phone, using the app "TousAntiCovid".
You can also directly present the QR code of your paper vaccination certificate.

2. Proof of a negative test of less than 72 hours (decision of August 8, 2021)
All RT-PCR and antigenic tests generate proof (with QR code) as soon as the result is entered by the healthcare professional in SI-DEP (screening information system in France). Self-tests are only allowed if they have been done under the supervision of a healthcare professional.
The proof can be printed directly and is also made available to the patient via an email and an SMS to retrieve it on the SI-DEP portal.

With the app "TousAntiCovid", you will import the proof into the application yourself:
• from the document in paper or PDF format issued from SI-DEP and which accompanies the test result, by scanning the QR Code located on the left of the document ;
• by clicking on the link in the SI-DEP portal, which allows the test result to be imported directly into “TousAntiCovid” Carnet.

We compiled a list of drugstores (around the Convention Centre, near the Place du Capitole and Place Wilson) that offer PCR tests.
Some drugstores do tests only by appointment, we strongly advise you to make your appointments in advance, as they are already very busy. Consider that there is often a delay between the test and the creation of the QR code.
We have not included the contact of the Test Centre because it is located outside of Toulouse.

3. Certificate of recovery from Covid-19
Positive tests (RT-PCR) of more than 2 weeks and less than 6 months indicate a limited risk of re-infection with Covid-19. The process for retrieving proof of a positive test is the same as for negative tests via SI-DEP (see above).

For more information and updates, see the French government website on the Health Pass (in French).

The use of the Health Pass is now legally authorized until 30 September 2021 by the law for managing the exit from the health crisis.


We would be delighted to have you on board for this edition! You can still register.
We hope to see you again soon!
Annick Maes, General Director of Cartoon
Marcia Peeters, Covid manager at Cartoon