Second Day at Cartoon Forum 2021

Second Day at Cartoon Forum 2021


On this second day of Cartoon Forum we discovered a few projects targetting young adults & adults that really resonated with the crowd here: "Freaked Out", "Dick Has a Problem", "Cannabiz", "What it Takes" and especially "Samuel" that got a cheering applause for its very moving pitch.

Slapstick comedy was also a hit today with "Rek & Nola", "Big Tuna", "Corgi", "Robot and the Martians", and "Showtime", where characters keep chasing each other and are falling from a cliff at least once per episod.

Accompanying kids on the path of life was the main purpose of a few projects: how to deal with mourning "Muscaria", how to deal with emotions "Team Nuggets", how to deal with the feeling of inadequacy "The Incredible Adventures of a Creative Family", how to care for nature "The Wawies".

And finally European tales and traditions where at the heart of 3 different projects: "Sacha and the Christmas Creatures", "Muscaria" & "Dino Fables".

We had a great day, onto the next and last!


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