Second day at Cartoon Digital 2021

Second day at Cartoon Digital 2021


That second day at Cartoon Digital was a whole journey through a full programme of 8 Keynotes each one as admirable as the next one.

We started with a wonderful morning of 4 interesting keynotes tackling the challenges of digital for many established brands.

Hélène Juguet (Managing Director @ Ubisoft Film & Television) delivered a great portrait of the relationship between animation and video games since the 1980s. 

"In my opinion, cross-overs are probably one of the best examples how video games and cartoons can harness each other's power.
Instead of trying to create a full-on video game from scratch, Cartoon creators started to featuring their characters in already established video games. I believe its a great strategy, because fans of both IPs go crazy about that kind of cross-overs. It respects their love of gaming and let them play with their favorite TV character. It's a win-win."

"Digital broadcasting" was discussed by 3 international experts: Telidja Klaï (Content Manager @ Ketnet / VRT), Vicky Schroderus (Executive in charge of International Co-productions and Acquisitions @ Finnish Broadcasting Company - YLE), and Luca Milano (Director RAI Ragazzi @ RAI Ragazzi)

Next talk was "What is the Added Value of Digital Space for Successful Animated IPs?", topic developed by Cristiana Buzzelli (SVP, Contents & Acquisitions @ Rainbow) and Olivier Dumont (President @ Entertainment One - eOne). Cristiana presented the use case of their successful series "Winx Club"
"Our partnership with Netflix was particularly great for sharing our brand values like girl empowerment and diversity that are present for us since the beginning of the show in 2004."

Another bold take on "Can Digital Content Change the World?" with Lindsey Adams (CEO/Producer @ Daily Madness Productions), Federico Fiecconi (Editor in Chief / CEO @ GraFFiti Creative), and Marika Makaroff (CEO @ Gutsy Animations). Federico concluded with "Be true to your first instinct, but be ready to move it to new land."

Audrey Brugère (Head of Children's Channels @ CANAL+) and Adina Pitt (VP Content Acquisitions & Co-Prods @ Turner, a WarnerMedia Company) discussed how they tackle "Differentiation In The Digital Space – Platform Strategies and Producer Impacts".
For Adina,"Digital gives us a larger sandbox without abandoning what already works. Cartoon Networks is actually expanding content in all direction: younger target, older target, live-action in order to super-serve a big portion of our audience that was not served before."

Dr Patricia Scanlon and Declan Moore from SoapBox Labs walked us through the research they've made around kids and adults voices in their very interesting presentation "Voice Is the New Magic in Animation for Kids".

In terms of "Digital Distribution & Co-production", Karen Vermeulen (SVP Creative Executive, Animation & Family Europe @ Gaumont) and Solveig Langeland (Managing Director @ Sola Media) went through great length to give an extensive portrait of the last trends.

Last but not least, we were delighted to welcome Carl Reed (President @ Lion Forge Animation) discussing what Authenticity means to him in terms of content and behaviors.
"How to make old stories stand out? The only way is through different perspectives, fresh voices, and things that the market has not seen, whether it has been marginalised, or just been under-represented. All signs are pointing towards a future dominated by more specific, more personal and more authentic content." 

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