Sanitary measures enforced for a Covid-safe Cartoon Forum


This year-and-a-half of sanitary crisis has left a durable impression, and we are still adjusting to its consequences. We feel therefore very lucky to be able to organize Cartoon Forum “for real” in Toulouse.
Of course, we’ve adapted the whole organization of Cartoon Forum to make it Covid-safe. We invite you to follow and respect all measures decided by the French local and governmental authorities to help us in making this edition as safe and enjoyable as possible.


At all times and places (Congress Centre, Welcome Dinner at Port Viguerie, Networking Evening Region Occitanie at the Bikini, and Farewell Cocktail at the Manoir du Prince), please respect the sanitary measures that are now familiar:

• full vaccination,
• negative PCR test,
• or recovery certificate.
(check email from 19 Aug. 
for detailed information)

Wear a face mask

Clean & sanitize hands

Respect social distancing 


At the entrance
• We expect longer queues at the entrance of the Congress Centre – don’t hesitate to be a bit earlier than usual.
• The Croissant Show starts at 09:00, and the Coffee Show starts at 14:45.
• Entrance and exit will be separated.
• There will be 2 control points: Health pass check and handbags check (Vigipirate plan).

Pitching rooms & circulation
• One pitching room per floor: Blue Room (+2), Pink Room (-1) & Purple Room (+1).
2 different queues: one priority line for the buyers (red line), and a seond one for the other participants (blue line).
• You must wear a mask even when sitting.
• For the simultaneous interpreting, you will receive your own headset (for the whole event), and a receiver (to return at the end of each pitch for disinfection).

For the producers on stage
• Producers (and the people accompanying them) won’t wear masks. They will put them back on as soon as they leave the stage.
• The Toonies will sanitize after each pitch tables, chairs, microphones (on stage and at the Extra Time corner) before the next project team arrives.
• Giveaways must be sent to Cartoon in advance, and will be distributed at the entrance of the room by the Toonies wearing gloves.


Practical information

  • List of drugstores (around the Congress Centre, Place du Capitole, Place Wilson and Welcome Dinner - Port Viguerie) where you can make appointments for PCR tests, among others.

  • List of restaurants for lunch (as we are not allowed to offer lunches at the Restaurant in the Congress Centre - see email 1st Sep.)

  • Map of Congress Centre with new rooms installation

Official websites

We continue to monitor very closely the situation in France and in Europe, and we will make any necessary adjustment to guarantee the best safety possible.