Official opening of Cartoon Forum!

Official opening of Cartoon Forum!

Cartoon Forum started on Wednesday 24 September with the presentations of our 4 main partners and Marc Vandeweyer, our General Director. Together they officially launched 25th Cartoon Forum. 

Firstly, Mr Martin Malvy, President of Région Midi-Pyrénées, introduced Cartoon Forum. Each new edition has contributed to the development of projects conceived, produced and directed in Midi-Pyrénées. The success of these productions has given Midi-Pyrénées a real visibility as an area of employment and a place of creativity in animation.

Secondly, Mr Francis Grass, Mayor Deputy of Toulouse, attested to the great cultural appetite of Toulouse and in particularly of its commitment in animation. As city of image, Toulouse has a lot of local production like TAT productions, Xbo Films, Le-Lokal Production or Milan Presse and many educational institutions related to the moving image: ECA, ESAV, the School of Fine Arts, ESMA, the Toulouse Business School (TBS) which this year is taking part in the meetings and complements the creative teams.

Thirdly, Mr Marc Vandeweyer, General Director of Cartoon, presented the results of 25 years of Cartoon Forum:
- 538 European animation projects pitched at the Cartoon Forum were financed for a global budget of 1,9 billion euro. Thus, 1/3 of the presented projects were financed.
- The most successful Cartoon Forum in terms of financed projects was Girona in Catalunya were 1 project on 2 has been financed!
- Obviously the highest budget generated were in the time of the 26 by 26 minutes were requested by the broadcasters, which is no more the case today.
- 80% of the European series have an average cost between 5.000 to 15.000 euro.
- Animation stays the best seller of the European audiovisual. Over 1/3 of the series were sold in more than 20 countries and 20 European series became blockbusters and were sold in over 100 countries. These are some examples of the best sellers: 64 Zoolane, Peppa Pig, The Triplets, The Jungle Bunch, The Hive, Minuscule, etc. 

After that, Ms Frédérique Bredin, President of CNC, announced a very good news: they recently received an agreement to double the international tax credit limit. Moreover, on the 30 French animation projects presented at Cartoon Forum, 24 are supported by CNC. 

Finally, Mr Rémy Pflimlin, President of France Télévisions, reminded that France Télévisions is the first partner of animation in France. Despite the most difficult economic climate that public television has ever seen, they maintained three important commitments:
- a new agreement with all French professionals, which guarantees a historically high level of investment in animation over several years.
- a new Youth channel, France 4. This summer, they had a 35% market share of the 4-14 year olds.
- some investments in the world of digital applications aimed at young audiences by building ambitious new offers around their two iconic youth brands: Ludo and Zouzous.

We thank our partners and wish to all participants a great Cartoon Forum 2014! 

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