Netflix, Amazon, EuroVoD at Cartoon Forum

Netflix, Amazon, EuroVoD at Cartoon Forum

New investors from the online sector, editing of an e-catalogue, 850 participants, 84 projects to be pitched… the 25th edition of Cartoon Forum is taking it to the next level!

The co-pro and pitching event will take place from 23 to 26 September in Toulouse and will showcase the latest creations of European TV series in development.


 > Presence of new media players: Netflix, Amazon Studios, Outfit7 (Talking Tom and Friends), Brighter Path, OD Media… there is a digital wind on Cartoon Forum!

 > 850 participants already registered, including 250 broadcasters and investors
Disney, France Télévisions, BBC Worldwide, Rai… they are all here to pick up the best projects

 > New concept: the short pitch
6 projects will be pitched in 10 minutes instead of 30 minutes. Effiiciency and focus!

 > First cross-over in animation: when The Jungle Bunch meets The Owl & Co
For the first time, two TV series characters will take some holidays and visit each other in the other series! TAT productions and Studio Hari, in collaboration with France Télévisions, will present a world premiere of this cross-over. 

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