Full house for the 1st day of Cartoon Business

Full house for the 1st day of Cartoon Business

Cartoon Business started on Tuesday 24 March by our traditional Welcome Dinner. The participants established the first contacts in a relaxed atmosphere.

On Wednesday morning, 90 participants attended the notable keynote of Michael Hirsh from DHX Media Canada on "Where is the Business in Animation?". He gave us a "global vision" of our business and explained how we can position ourselves today to perform better tomorrow.

During this 1st day, 12 international speakers (from the financing, licensing, merchandising, toy, video games and new media fields) featured different topics in order to help us define the commercial potential and improve sales of our animation property: How to finance TV series?, How to build a roadmap as well as financial tools for animation programmes?, What is the favourite content on the Kids' TV market?, Why content is king in the new audiovisual landscape?, Is it better to be exclusive or not in selling animation programmes?, How to work with Youtube and Netflix?, ...

Moreover, two broadcasters commented on their strategies to invest in the animation.

Experts gave us market trends, case studies & a lot of practical guidelines. They stressed the importance to invest on the new platforms and to develop partnerships with licensing and merchandising partners. To succeed in the digital world, it's necessary to have strong recognisable brands.

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