First day at Cartoon Forum 2021

First day at Cartoon Forum 2021


The 32nd edition of Cartoon Forum started today in Toulouse!

We have the pleasure to welcome 885 participants on site, among whom 202 buyers, including 7% new buyers as Benshi,  TV Nova,  Tribes Media (Glitch), El Reino Infantil, FaireSquare Comics or Asmodee Entertainment 

The atmosphere was enthusiastic: we saw producers throwing fluffy puppets in the crowd ("Blue Wolfie"), a room filled of luminescent colored sticks ("Abyss: Very Special Case Unit"), or a team full of beans showing their inspiring team song ("Tommy Pepper").

The day started with the flagship project based on the work from Joann Sfar: "Mister Crocodile" which mixes hilarious tone, playing with absurd and comedy with a didactic depth.

Many projects used pushy humour to define their world: "Pete & Berns", "Meddlers", "The Seniors", "Space Ham", "Wild Life City", "Team Nuggets".

A great deal of projects featured female characters as main hero. There's a new way to envision feminin characters; for proof, here's a list the adjectives used to describe them: spontaneous, over-enthusiastic, stubborn, practical, scatterbrained. The understanding that girls can lead an adventure is now becoming a no-brainer, with, for example, "Audrey's Shelter", "Griott & Mungo" and especially "Voro".

See you tomorrow!


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