25 top-level speakers for Cartoon Digital!

25 top-level speakers for Cartoon Digital!

During this 3-day conference, our 25 international speakers (broadcasters, digital publishing partners, Video/(S)VOD platforms, VR and AR producers, video game and app companies, digital broadcasters and producers) coming from Europe, the US and Mexico shared with our participants their insights into how animation producers are developing content, programmes and experiences based on how kids watch programmes, play and expect to be entertained today:

  • the attempt by animation producers to craft the new kid’s animation business, 

  • case studies on cross-media production and distribution,

  • analysis of the mixed digital economy, 

  • opportunities offered to animation producers by multi-platform partners (game, publishing, Video and SVoD platforms), 

  • innovation with VR and AR, 

  • the growth of TV catch-up and SVoD, 

  • and newest playing fields of digital kids.

To finish this top seminar, we organised our Farewell Dinner at Paulaner im Tal Restaurant. Big thanks to all participants, speakers and partners!

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