Cartoon Movie - Chairpersons

Presenting a new project in front of a large audience isn’t an easy task! Especially when the final goal is to convince the auditors to invest in it…

In order to help the producers with this crucial mission, CARTOON has decided to assign to each of them a neutral, experienced animation consultant acting as a moderator.

Before Cartoon Movie

It is important to contact the chairpersons BEFORE the event so they can help you prepare your presentation in the best way.

They will give you tips for a good pitching session and give your feedback on your presentation.

During Cartoon Movie

The chairpersons will also assist you during the pitching session itself. Their neutral position allows them to introduce in a positive way the production team as well as the developed project and to deal with potential questions from the public.

It is the role of the producers however to defend their project.

➢ 18 January: Cartoon will give you the details of your chairperson who will help you preparing the pitch of your project (