Our host town: Ghent

Why Ghent, the city of the Mystic Lamb, light, music and culinary delights?
...that's why!

Ghent breathes history but is also brimming with culture and modern city life. The city's highlights include the Mystic Lamb, the acclaimed lighting plan which illuminates the buildings in a magical way after sunset, the Ghent Festivities during summer and the largest range of veggie offerings in Europe. But you must experience the quirky character of Ghent too.

Visit a unique concept from one of our young star chefs. Their pioneering work is attracting more and more innovative gastronomic top talent.

Not yet convinced? Ghent's history, art, wonderful architecture, water and joie de vivre are sure to win you over.

The city also makes every effort to ensure that visitors enjoy their stay, including the thousands of students who provide Ghent with a fresh young vibe every academic year. For example, you can discover an alternative side to Ghent with the 'Sorry, not sorry street art map Gent' which takes you on a cycling or walking tour of the city's graffiti.

Last but not least, as a "Unesco Creative City of Music" music thrives in Ghent and its diversity in terms of style, genre and identity is enormous. You will find it hard to pick your choice in the wide offering of concerts ranging from classical music over jazz to underground rock.


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