Cartoon Forum tributes 2021

The aim of the Cartoon Tributes is to reward outstanding achievements, companies or personalities that have had a positive and dynamic influence on TV animation industry over the last year.

Due to the sanitary crisis in 2020, Cartoon Forum was held in digital version, and we had to cancel Cartoon Forum Tributes.

For Cartoon Forum 2021, the nominees will be announced beginning of September 2021.


Cartoon Tributes Winners in 2019 (click on the picture to download it)

Previous winners


  • Broadcaster of the Year: RTBF-OUFTIVI (Belgium)
  • Investor/Distributor of the Year: Telegael (Ireland)
  • Producer of the Year: Panique! (Belgium)


  • Broadcaster of the Year: Finnish broadcasting company (YLE) (Finland)
  • Investor/Distributor of the Year: 9 Story Distribution International (Ireland)
  • Producer of the Year: Folimage (France)


  • Broadcaster of the year: France Télévisions (France)
  • Investor/Distributor of the year: Beta Film (Germany)
  • Producer of the year: Dandelooo (France)
  • Cartoon Tribute of Honour: Patrick Eveno, General Director of Citia and of The Annecy International Animation Film Festival


  • Broadcaster of the year: M6 (France)
  • Investor/Distributor of the year: Cake Entertainment (UK)
  • Producer of the year: Autour de Minuit (France)


  • Broadcaster of the year: CBBC – BBC Children’s (United Kingdom)
  • Investor/Distributor of the year: Superights (France)
  • Producer of the year: Vivement Lundi ! (France)


  • Broadcaster of the year: CANAL+ (France)
  • Investor/Distributor of the year: Mediatoon Distribution (France)
  • Producer of the year: Les Films de l’Arlequin (France)


  • Broadcaster of the year: Super RTL - RTL Disney Fernsehen (Germany)
  • Investor/Distributor of the year: ZDF Enterprises (Germany)
  • Producer of the year: Grid Animation (Belgium)
  • Toulouse Metropole Tribute: Xbo Films


  • Producer of the year: Jam Media (Ireland)
  • Broadcaster of the year: GULLI (France)
  • Investor/Distributor of the year: Monster Entertainment (Ireland)


  • Producer of the year: Monster Animation (Ireland)
  • Broadcaster of the year: RTE (Ireland)
  • Investor/Distributor of the year: awol animation (France)


  • Producer of the year: TeamTO (France)
  • Broadcaster of the year: YLE (Finland)
  • Investor/Distributor of the year: Moonscoop (France)


  • Producer of the year: Brown Bag Films (Ireland)
  • Broadcaster of the year: NRK (Norway)
  • Investor/Distributor of the year: Cake Entertainment (UK)


  • Producer of the year: Cartoon Saloon (Ireland)
  • Broadcaster of the year: France 3 (France)
  • Investor/Distributor of the year: Rubber Duck Entertainment (UK)


  • Producer of the year: TV Cartoons (UK)
  • Broadcaster of the year: Televisió de Catalunya (Spain)
  • Investor/Distributor of the year: Luk Internacional (Spain)


  • Producer of the year: A. Film A/S (Denmark)
  • Broadcaster of the year: BBC Children’s (UK)
  • Investor/Distributor of the year: Icon Animation (Spain)
  • Cartoon Forum Tributes 2020